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At Anichem, we believe in strategic growth and global expansion. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond borders, driving us to make strategic investments that strengthen our presence and enhance our capabilities worldwide.

Chemical Disinfection

Detergents & Disinfectants

Premium manufacturer of Detergents & Disinfectants under the brand Anichem Speciality. Catering to Dairy Farms, Poultry Farms, Food Processing, Water & Beverage Companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Airports

Sulphonation Plant

One of the first sulphonation plants in the Middle East that was set up in 1989 and previously owned by Sasol Italy

Chemical Plant
Rubber Tree

Acrylic Emulsions & PU

Established in 1960s, we were one of the region's first emulsion polymers and polyurethanes manufacturer and currently cater to various sectors across the country

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