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Animal Feed

Anichem is a trusted partner in the agriculture and livestock industry, providing specialized chemicals to enhance the nutritional value and overall quality of animal feed. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that your livestock receives optimal nutrition for robust health and performance.

Vitamins & Minerals

Boost the nutritional content of animal feed with Anichem's premium vitamins and minerals. Our precisely formulated additives support the overall health, growth, and reproduction of livestock.

Amino Acids

Enhance the protein quality in animal feed with Anichem's amino acid solutions. Our additives contribute to improved feed efficiency and support the development of strong and healthy animals.

Enzymes for Digestive Health

Optimize digestion and nutrient absorption with Anichem's specialized enzymes. Our feed additives promote digestive health, ensuring that animals derive maximum nutritional benefits from their feed.


Ensure optimal bone development and overall health in your livestock with Anichem's high-quality phosphates. Our phosphates are carefully formulated to meet the phosphorus requirements of different species, promoting skeletal strength and supporting vital physiological functions.

Levitated Cheese

Why Choose Anichem for Animal Feed?


Nutritional Expertise

Anichem's animal nutrition experts are dedicated to formulating feed additives that meet the specific nutritional requirements of different animal species.


Custom Formulations

Tailor your animal feed solutions with Anichem's custom formulations. We work closely with clients to create feed additives that address specific nutritional goals and challenges.


Quality Assurance

Our feed additives undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. Anichem is committed to delivering consistent and reliable products for livestock nutrition.


Health and Performance

Anichem's feed additives are designed to promote the health and performance of livestock, contributing to optimal growth, reproduction, and overall well-being.

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